Premises Liability – Trip & Fall

When Janitorial Company Refuses to Warn, Murray Guari Makes it Pay

Video footage of areas in airport by escalator with slip and fall occured.

In the early morning hours, our client was working at an airport and was walking from her office with the intent to go down to a lower level. While she was walking towards the escalator (depicted below), she was unaware that for the several minutes prior a janitorial company employee was wet mopping the tile…

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$651,000 Settlement – Man Falls at Restaurant

Graphic of a lumbar surgery showing screws and rods and bone grafts.

Our client suffered severe head, back, neck, and shoulder injuries as from a serious fall caused by a restaurant’s negligence in 2015. The injuries from the tragic fall required a lumbar fusion surgery, arthroscopic shoulder surgery, and multiple, spinal epidural and facet injections. Attorneys Jason J. Guari and Scott B. Perry negotiated a pre-lawsuit settlement…

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Jane Doe. v. Road Construction Company

Jane Doe went jogging on a designated pedestrian path, as she had on many prior occasions. Based on her prior experience, she was aware of construction in the area. In the past, she had heeded signs and warnings relating to any path closures. On the morning of her fall, Jane Doe never encountered any signs,…

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Jane Doe v. Medical Center

A 71-year-old woman was leaving her doctor’s office in Boca Raton when she, using a walker, tripped and fell on a poorly maintained walkway. As a result of the fall, she had a broken leg that required surgery in order to fix it. Several pieces of hardware were put into her leg to help repair…

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Jane Doe v. Grocery Store

Inattentive Worker Ploughs Into Over Elderly Woman On February 25, 2006, 87-year-old Armenia Edwards was shopping at her regular grocery store  in Boynton Beach. She was in the produce section getting tomatoes when she was negligently and violently pushed to the ground by a male employee who was in a rush and way not paying…

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