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While national fatalities and motor vehicle accidents are down, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that an auto accident takes place every 10 seconds in the United States. According to 2009 NHTSA data, more than 30,797 people were killed and 1,517,000 were injured in automotive accidents. Who’s most at risk in an auto accident:

Crash Victims Deaths Injuries 
Drivers 17,604 1,395,000
Passengers 6,770 616,000
Motorcyclists 4,462 90,000
Pedestrians 4,092 59,000
Bicyclists & Cyclists 630 51,000

Car and truck accidents are often caused by a distracted driver – cell phone usage (25%), eating or drinking, reading, applying makeup, shaving, talking with passengers, attending to children, changing a song on an iPod or a channel on your radio. Other auto accidents are caused by drunk driving, hit and run, rear end collisions, intersection accidents, backovers, rollovers and tractor trailer crashes.

Auto accidents are devastating for everyone involved no matter who is at fault. The result could be serious injury, death and or significant property damage. Injures can include bruises, broken bones, back injury, neck injury, traumatic brain injury, burns, and paralysis.
Automotive Product Liability Accidents
Automotive product liability (auto defect) is a very specialized legal area, requiring specific skills and experience. In some accidents, injuries do not result solely from the accident itself (secondary collision or enhanced injury). It is sometimes hard to recognize a defective auto product, and auto product cases can be extremely difficult to prove. Automotive product liability focuses on the automobile’s safety and stability features and their ability to prevent injuries to the vehicle occupants in the event of a collision.
Automotive product liability cases typically involve manufacturing defects, design defects or the manufacturer’s failure to warn consumers of known dangers with the vehicle. The automobile manufacturer, and/or the manufacturer of one of the vehicle’s parts, may be liable.
Murray Guari Trial Attorneys handle nationwide automotive product liability cases involving:
15 Passenger Vans Air Bag Litigation Conversion Vans
Fuel Fed Fires Roof Crush Seat Back Failures
Seat Belt Defects SUV Rollovers Tire Defects

If you have been hurt in an auto accident or if you need help in determining if a defective auto product played a role in your accident, please contact the Florida auto accident and personal injury attorneys at Murray Guari today for a free consultation.