Ryan Hewitt

Case Manager / Investigator


West Palm Beach, Florida
561•366•9098 (Fax)

Ryan Hewitt joined the firm in June 2022 as a Pre-Litigation Case Manager/Investigator where he handles from start to finish the pre-litigation phase of a personal injury claim including being available to the client 24/7, investigating liability, documenting all personal injury damages, and preparing demand packages for settlement.

Prior to joining the firm, Ryan worked more than five years as a Pre-Litigation case manager and investigator for two personal injury law firms. Or more than five years, Ryan spearheaded the marketing, intake, case evaluation, client contact, demand preparation, and finalization of case settlements. Preceding this, he skillfully performed investigations, courier services and attended to other legal matters throughout the State of Georgia as an employee of Ibis Legal Services.

Ryan was raised in close proximity to the legal industry, taking after his father who worked for over 30 years at local personal injury firms. His interest in the practice of law piqued at a young age and has continually progressed. Emulating the cultivated experience of his father, Ryan applies extensive knowledge and expertise to all areas of personal injury and in his use of legal case management systems.

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