$200,000 Policy Limit Settlement in Severe Rear-End Crash

Recently, Attorney Scott Murray settled two cases for their Bodily Injury policy limits of $100,000 each after a severe impact totaled our clients’ car and left them both with extensive neck and back injuries.

Our clients, a husband and wife, were stopped at an intersection when suddenly and without warning, they were struck from behind by a negligent driver. The impact was so severe that they were violently pushed into the vehicle in front of them. Their rear window shattered, their windshield cracked, and both headrests broke. They both thought they were going to die.

Crushed rear-end of car involved in car crash

Pile of debrie of rear-end car crash

As a result of this crash, our clients sustained multiple severe injuries, including significant spine damage. Despite months of dedication to diagnostic testing and conservative treatment such as MRIs, physical therapy, and epidural injections, and rhizotomies, our clients continued to suffer daily pain and discomfort.

In an effort to put pressure on the insurance companies, Mr. Murray provided a time limited demand, which expired prior to their scheduled spinal surgeries.

The insurance company, with the pressure of an outstanding policy limits demand, tendered all available limits prior to the expiration of the demand period.

It is important to have attorneys, like Murray Guari Trial Attorneys, who can help strategically navigate a personal injury case to maximize client recoveries.

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