$275,000 Trip and Fall Settlement for 89-Year-Old Client

Attorneys Scott C. Murray and Keith R. Hedrick recently settled a trip and fall accident claim for $275,000 for our 89-year-old client.

This incident occurred when our client, walking through a local grocery store, encountered a carpeted runner with lifted edges that had been improperly placed in the area. As a result, our client’s foot caught the lifted runner causing her to fall to the ground and land on her left shoulder and elbow. The fall caused our client to sustain a comminuted fracture of the surgical neck of the left humerus as well as a comminuted fracture of the olecranon of the left elbow. She required surgery on her left elbow with the use of implanted hardware.

Elbow fracture on left arm x-rayPost surgery elbow showing fracture repair









X-ray (left) of our client’s comminuted fracture of the olecranon of the left elbow and
our client’s left elbow (right) post-surgery.

Unfortunately, the insurance company placed blame on our client for this incident, but then realized the extent of exposure should the case proceed into litigation. During a pre-suit settlement conference, our almost ninety (90) year old client spoke about how this incident changed her life in many ways, but most importantly, it changed her life by stripping her of what she cherished most, her independence.

Through the hard work of our entire team at Murray Guari Trial Attorneys PL, Attorneys Scott C. Murray and Keith R. Hedrick,  negotiated a settlement of $275,000 at mediation with the insurance company of the at-fault party. The settlement helped to compensate our client, in part, for her injuries and pain and suffering; however, she will never regain the independence that was taken from her on that unfortunate day.


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