$350,000 For Mother & Daughter Seriously Hurt In Motor Vehicle Crash

In August 2015, our client F.S., a restrained driver of her Mercedes C230 and her daughter D.E. the restrained, front-seat passenger – were traveling southbound on 441, north of Lake Worth Road. As F.S. slowed down for traffic, she was violently rear-ended by a vehicle with such great force that it pushed F.S.’s vehicle into a truck in front of her. A vehicle with rear-end damage from auto accident.     Blue car with front end damage as result of car accident               Immediately after the crash, F.S. was transported by ambulance to Wellington Regional Medical Center. F.S. suffered a head contusion, injuries to her neck, back, and left shoulder. D.E., her daughter, sustained personal injuries to her head, neck and ankle. F.S. who is a native of the islands and immigrated to the United States 10 years prior to this crash had never before been involved in a car accident.  With little to no knowledge of the legal process, she was unsure as to who to turn to and what to do. Imagine her concern for her teen daughter’s injuries – not being able to care for her and continuing to experience her own chronic pain and significant physical limitations due to her injuries. That is when a family member – who was a past client – encouraged F.S. to contact Attorney Jason Guari for legal guidance. At 18 years of age, D.E.’s injuries resulted in blurred vision, neck pain, difficulty concentrating and missing days from school, resulting in her grades dropping. Unfortunately, the mom F.S.’ condition continued to worsen, ultimately requiring a lumbar spine surgery. Thankfully, the driver of the car that caused the crash carried significant Bodily Injury (BI) automobile insurance coverage. With the diligent work of Attorney Jason Guari, F.S.’s case resolved – since she had a lumbar microdiscectomy – for the total available policy limits of $250,000 – in less than a year. In addition, $100,000 was obtained for her daughter, D.E.’s serious injuries. Today, F.S. and D.E. continue to make excellent recoveries from their injuries. They can rest at ease knowing that their medical bills have been paid and Murray Guari Trial Attorneys PL ensured that they received “fair and just compensation” for their past medical expenses, future medical expenses, past lost wages, past and future inconvenience, loss of the capacity to enjoy life, pain and suffering, and mental anguish.

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