Our 37-year-old client’s life was forever changed when an inattentive driver negligently violated his right of way and then t-bone his car.

The crash resulted in significant injuries to our client’s neck, low back, and shoulder – ultimately requiring surgical intervention, including an artificial disc replacement in his neck to resolve the radiating pain and numbness that traveled into his hand. Below is the MRI showing the compression on the nerves.

MRI showing car accident victims compression on the nerves.









Partners Jason J. Guari, Esq. and Scott B. Perry, Esq., after months of litigation, after mediation, and on the cusp of the Court’s trial period resolved the case for in excess of $600,000 – over six times higher than any offers made by the insurance company prior to litigation. The resolution will allow our client to be compensated for his injuries, his past and future pain and suffering, and his past and future medical bills. In a year filled with many uncertainties, he is now guaranteed justice,” said Guari.

When injured through the fault of another, it is important to have a team, like those at Murray Guari, who are not afraid to file a lawsuit and will fight for you; we will not accept anything, but full and fair compensation for our clients.

If you or a loved one is unfortunately a victim of a motor vehicle crash and sustained injuries, please do not hesitate to contact Murray Guari Trial Attorneys at (561) 366-9099, immediately to protect and to preserve your rights.

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