After Five Years, Two Simultaneous Litigations, Murray Guari Resolves Case for Six Figure Settlement

Murray Guari Partners Jason Guari and Scott Perry were proud to have represented a wonderfulHeadshots of Partners Jason Guari and Scott Perry couple related to a 2017 commercial vehicle versus car crash. The husband suffered serious personal injuries, including needing to undergo a lumbar fusion surgery. Luckily, he made a fantastic recovery from the surgery – but was faced with a series of unfortunate facts that made resolving the case long, slow, and painful.

First, the driver of the commercial vehicle did not stop after causing the crash and instead continued up the road – leading the police to believe that there was a phantom hit and run driver. This matter was clarified in depositions taken by Attorney Perry where he got the driver to admit that he “probably” veered out of his lane.

Second, after the lawsuit was filed in 2019, the insurance company for the commercial vehicle decided, for the first time, to say that there was actually no insurance coverage available for the loss. In fact, the insurance company filed its own Declaratory Action lawsuit against its insureds and our clients. In that action, Murray Guari’s attorneys established that the insurance company missed important deadlines and otherwise created the problem with the insurance coverage itself, through the insurance company’s agent.

Third, COVID struck delaying depositions that needed to be taken live due to language barriers and the need to utilize multitudes of exhibits – best shown initially live.

Fourth, the defendant driver of the commercial vehicle declared bankruptcy, which automatically stopped any activity from being able to happen in either litigation case until the bankruptcy was over.

Finally, the insurance company did not want to even make an offer in the motor vehicle crash litigation until the Declaratory Action was resolved.

Luckily for our clients, Attorneys Guari and Perry refused to back down and fought with three different defense attorneys (paid by the insurance company) pushing the matter on both fronts. After Attorney Perry discovered detrimental information to the insurance company and strategically filed offers to settle about to expire on the eve of trial, the insurance company finally gave up and paid every penny demanded for a six-figure settlement.

The attorneys at Murray Guari refuse to give up when faced with adversity and are prepared to fight for our clients for as long as it takes to get the justice they deserve.

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