Partners Scott Murray and Scott Perry had the privilege of representing the mother of a young woman who was tragically killed by a tractor-trailer as she crossed the street in the crosswalk.

When our firm received the phone call, we quickly went into evidence gathering and preservation mode, including obtaining security surveillance from local businesses, documenting physical evidence on the roadway, obtaining the dashcam video of a motorist traveling behind the tractor-trailer, and personally visiting the scene.

In addition to the negligence of the tractor-trailer driver, early scene investigation revealed additional defendants whose conduct contributed to the incident due to on-going road construction at the intersection. Through forensic analysis, we determined that the crosswalk signals were malfunctioning, which can be seen in the photographs below: where the right photograph is from the dashcam just after the incident, clearly showing a pedestrian walk signal when compared to the left taken days later:

Intersection wtih Crosswalk Signal





Sadly, the faulty signal gave our client’s daughter a walk signal when the signal timing sheet required the pedestrian crosswalk signal to display a “DON’T WALK” sign, resulting in her entering the crosswalk, thinking it was safe, only for the truck driver to come around the corner too fast and strike her.

While nothing can bring our client’s daughter back, all responsible parties were held financially accountable.

When injured through the fault of another, it is important to have a team, like those at Murray Guari, who will fight for you and leave no avenue of recovery unexplored.

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