Apartment Complex Refuses to Engage in Negotiations, Lawsuit Ensues – Murray Guari Resolves Claim for $300,000 and Makes Complex Safer

Partners Jason Guari and Scott Perry had the privilege of representing a client who tripped and fell while visiting a friend due to a lack of maintenance creating a dangerous tripping hazard.

This trip and fall should never have occurred, because the unsafe conditions – created by the apartment complex – were so egregious that it should never have been allowed to exist. The complex allowed the walkway’s concrete slabs to have over a nearly two-inch difference in height and for the overhead pathway lights to be inoperable. When our client walked through the area at night, she had no way to ever see that the walkway was not even. As a result, she tripped and fell and suffered a broken wrist and a low back injury.

Dangerous, uneven walkwayDark and dangerous pathway at an apartment complex









When the insurance company for the apartment complex refused to engage in settlement discussions, Murray Guari filed suit to hold the apartment complex and its management company responsible. Ultimately, our attorneys demonstrated the negligence of the defendants regarding the extremely dangerous condition and the risk for the defense to push this matter to trial, resulting in a $300,000 settlement for our client and her family. Now, because the condition has been fixed, the apartment complex is safer for residents and visitors.

Important lesson: if you or a loved one falls due to a dangerous condition and are injured, immediately take photographs of the condition that caused the fall.

When injured through the fault of another, it is important to have a team, like those at Murray Guari, who refuse to back down when the insurance companies fail to act fairly towards our clients.

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