Bicycle Safety During COVID-19 & Beyond

Due to our unusual circumstances there are many more people biking or becoming new cyclists Close up of man riding bicycle through the park. on the roadways, and sometimes they are not fully aware of the dangers of riding a bike on a town or city street.

If you are not sick or under any restrictions or mandatory self-quarantines, you are encouraged to ride solo, to enjoy the outdoors. Stay away from crowded areas and practice social distancing. Try to time your rides for when you know your planned route will be less crowded. You should also ride during daylight hours to be visible to vehicle traffic or other roadway dangers.

Should you bike share, Bicycling Magazine interviewed two physicians who recommend that you wipe down the handlebars before you use the bike. They also recommend using gloves if you have them, not touching your face, and to wash your hands after riding.
If you are unfamiliar with safe bicycling practices (ex. wearing helmets) or the rules of the road (ex. knowing hand signals), here are some helpful resources for you:

Many hospitals across the country are overwhelmed by Coronavirus cases, let’s follow safety riding practices to avoid a preventable bicycle or car accident and a trip to the hospital or doctor’s office.