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MVA’s Forceful Impact Causes Our Client to Suffer a Painful, Lumbar, Herniated Disc – Murray Guari Fights to Resolve Case for Confidential Settlement Amount

Our Client was Operating Unit 1:
Rendering of Car Accident Scene










Our Client’s Vehicle – Post Crash:
Client accident vehiclel damageOur Client’s Vehicle’s Property Damage Estimate:
Property Damage Estimate of Record








Offending vehicle – Post Crash:Post Crash photo of the offending vehicle

The head-on collision is shown in the photographs and images herein. After initially presenting to the hospital with pain, receiving Physical Therapy, and seeking care with an Orthopedic doctor who recommended MRIs, our client was diagnosed with a herniated disc in the Lumbar (low back) spine. The Lumbar MRI revealed a herniation at L4-5 that impinged on thecal sac and nerve roots. The injury looks like this:|
MRI of the spine







Inserted below are images from the Lumbar MRI:

Xray images from the Lumbar MRI

Our client suffered a permanent injury as a result of this unfortunate crash and underwent extensive medical treatment. Regrettably, motor vehicle crashes can cause serious injuries!

Thankfully, Partners Jason Guari and Scott Perry resolved our client’s case – to his satisfaction for a confidential settlement amount.

If you or a loved one is unfortunately a victim of a motor vehicle crash and have sustained injuries, please do not hesitate to contact Murray Guari Trial Attorneys at (561) 366-9099, immediately to protect and to preserve your rights.


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