Confidential Settlement for Car Accident Victim – Hip Replacement Surgery

Our client was eastbound on Southern Boulevard attempting to make a left turn onto Fairgrounds Road when a negligent driver cut across the safety zone (marked with diagonal crosshatching) and struck his vehicle, causing our client to jam his right hip against the center console.

An MRI of his right hip revealed a torn superior labrum along with pre-existing arthritis, consistent with his age. Importantly, prior to the crash, he had no right hip symptoms and led an active life. He began a physical therapy program including manual therapy, massage therapy, therapeutic exercises, and active resistance therapy. Despite therapy, his pain persisted and affected his ability to walk and activities of daily living. He then underwent multiple cortisone injections into his right hip joint which only provided temporary relief.

With continued severe right hip pain, weakness and unsteady gait, his treating orthopedic surgeon recommended a right total hip replacement. Inserted herein is an illustration of the right total hip replacement surgery that he underwent:

Car Accident Victim, Total Hip Replacement Surgery PhotosAs a result of the injuries sustained in this crash, our client submitted medical bills of nearly $105,000 and a total disability rating of 30%. The doctors anticipate he will likely incur medical costs over his lifetime ranging from $250,000 to $350,000.

In many ways this crash robbed our client of his quality of life and enjoying time with friends and family. Instead, he spends nights restless and unable to sleep, using a walker for assistance.  He does not remember what it was like to be pain free. It is true that he has had improvement from the surgery, and he is thankful for that, but he will have to live the rest of his life with limited mobility.

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