Where a driver using using a cell phone causes a rear-end collision injuring a husband / father of young children – Partner Jason Guari & Attorney Rudolph Sohl settle client’s Personal Injury case & Diminution of Vehicle Value claim – resulting in a – Confidential Settlement.

At first, the damage to our client’s new, 2019 Volkswagen Jetta did not seem to be that significant on the exterior as shown below:

Grey Jetta with Rear-end Damage






However, the Property Damage Estimates and Photographs were requested by Murray Guari Trial Attorneys from the negligent driver’s insurance company, and they told a different story about the force of the impact caused by the at-fault driver. The photograph below shows the crush damage to the steel trunk pan underneath the bumper cover.

crush damage to the steel trunk pan underneath the bumper cover






Our client suffered low back pain and leg extremity pain that caused him to undergo Physical Therapy, MRIs, Injection Therapy, and Surgical Procedures with an orthopedic doctor. After undergoing facet injections at L4-5 and L5-S1, which therapeutically helped, he submitted for an L3 though S1 rhizotomy, a surgical procedure that severs the pain signal off at the nerve.

Below is a medical image showing a lumbar rhizotomy procedure:

medical image showing a lumbar rhizotomy procedure







Thankfully, the lumbar rhizotomy achieved its therapeutic goal by providing our client with long standing relief of his low back pain. Our client incurred in excess of $60,000 in medical expenses and Partner Jason Guari resolved his case for a Confidential Settlement after presenting a pre-suit demand.

Since his new, 2019 Jetta was repaired and not a total loss, its value was diminished because of the crash by several thousand dollars; therefore, Attorney Sohl sucessfully negotiated a Diminution in Value Settlement with the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

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