Employer of Drunk Driver Settles Claim for Confidential Amount

Attorney Scott C. Murray and Paralegal Joshua Cadrin recently settled a motor vehicle accident case for a confidential amount. ThisPolice patrol car with sirens off during a traffic control. Blue and red flashing sirens of police car unfortunate incident occurred when our 23-year-old client was riding as a passenger in a vehicle operated by his co-worker when they were violently rear-ended by a construction company vehicle operated by a drunk driver at lunchtime. The other driver was charged and pled guilty to driving under the influence.

The violent impact pushed our client’s pick-up truck off the road and into a ditch where it struck a palm tree. Our client was rushed from the crash scene to the hospital with injuries to his head, neck, back, shoulder, and leg.

After the initial emergency room visit, our client underwent conservative chiropractic and physical therapy. His MRIs revealed traumatic herniations in his spine for which he was a candidate for spinal surgery; however, given his young age, our client chose to hold off having surgery for as long as possible.

After our client finished his conservative treatment, we demanded a significant settlement amount. We argued that our young client has a permanent injury for which he will likely require spinal surgery in the future as his injury worsens as he ages. We also highlighted the gross negligence on the part of the driver who was driving under the influence while in the scope of his employment. This presented a huge problem for the defense who would have to admit to the jury that its worker was drinking on the job and that they allowed him to operate one of its trucks.

Ultimately, the insurance company, through its defense counsel, agreed to a significant confidential settlement amount which enables our client to afford moving forward with surgery in the future, even if he does not have health insurance.


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