Attorneys Scott C. Murray and Keith R. Hedrick recently settled a disputed liability motor vehicle accident claim. Our client, a young woman, was traveling northbound in West Palm Beach, when a commercial box truck unexpectedly violated her right-of-way by attempting to make a left-turn across her lane of traffic. Unable to avoid the box truck, our client’s vehicle crashed into the rear-end of the box truck. Our client’s airbags deployed and her vehicle was ultimately declared a total loss.

Crashed vehicle with airbag deployed.Crashed black automobile with crushed in hood








The crash caused injuries to our client, including a substantial injury to her low back. After treatment consisting of MRIs, Physical Therapy, an epidural injection, and two rhizotomies, our client continued to have constant pain and discomfort in her low back. After her conservative treatment failed to produce long-term relief, an orthopedic surgeon recommended that our client undergo a lumbar microdiscectomy, a surgical procedure to her low back.

Despite the heavy impact and clear injuries to this young woman, the insurance company refused to offer a single dollar to compensate our client for the injures and medical bills caused by the negligence of their insured, requiring Murray Guari to file suit.

When Mr. Murray and Mr. Hedrick deposed the driver of the box truck, he testified that our client had the right of way, he was unable to explain why he did not see her traveling in his direction, and he stated that he recently developed a need for wearing glasses while driving because was having difficulty seeing long distances. Following the deposition, the insurance company was forced to re-evaluate their position on liability and ultimately decided to fairly compensate our client for her injuries related to the crash.

It is important to have attorneys like Murray Guari Trial Attorneys who will file suit to fight for clients’ rights.

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