As our client was on his way to an emergency call with lights and siren engaged, a tractor-trailer pulled into his path. In an effort to avoid the collision, our client immediately slammed on his brakes and swerved to the right; however, he was unable to avoid the collision, resulting in a catastrophic impact.

The investigating Trooper determined that the truck operator negligently pulled out from a stop sign, violating our client’s right-of-way as he was responding to an emergency. Multiple, independent eye witnesses confirmed the same.

Our client was lucky to have survived this crash. He was treated at the scene by Fire Rescue for difficulty breathing, chest wall pain and abrasions/lacerations/contusions to his upper and lower extremities and was transported to the hospital under trauma alert. He was later diagnosed with rib fractures, a right knee injury, and a avulsion fracture at the base of his big toe. Our client subsequently underwent surgery to remove a floating sesamoid bone which had completely broken away and has to be removed.

Since the crash happened during the course and scope of work, Worker’s Compensation maintained a six figure lien for medical and wage benefits paid. Murray Guari Trial Attorneys obtained a substantial settlement on behalf of its client.

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