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A vehicle in an auto accident on fire. Fuel fed fire and auto defect. The auto defect lawyers at the law firm of Murray Guari Trial Attorneys have been achieving exceptional results for gas tank fuel fed fire victims throughout Florida and the United States for more than 20 years.

Fuel fed fire injury is the damage that is caused when fire breaks out during automobile collisions. These cause horrible injuries, incredible suffering and often death. Many of these fires are needless and can be prevented. It is estimated that approximately 550 to 1000 people suffer fatal fuel fed fire injuries each year in the United States. According to National Fire Protection Agency, in 2015, there were more than 174,000 reported vehicle fires which led to 1,550 injuries and 445 deaths.

Fuel fed fire injury is often the result of defective fuel tank and fuel system design. Often the fuel tank is too close to parts that can puncture the tank during a collision, the fuel tanks are improperly protected, there are defects in the fuel line, defects in the fuel pumps, or there is defective tank welding.

There is fairly widespread agreement that the safest location for a fuel tank is between the two axles. Automobile manufacturers can take several measures to prevent the risk of fuel fed fire injuries that occur in automobile accidents by providing adequate protection to both the fuel tank and fuel system. Some experts indicate that fuel fed fire injury could be largely mitigated through preventative measure that would cost an average of less than three dollars per vehicle.

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