Insurance Bad Faith Claims Lawyers

West Palm Beach and Palm Beach County

The personal injury attorneys at the law firm of Murray Guari have been Words REJECTED in orange and Insurance Claim in black. Insurance company insurance bad faith and wrongfuly denied claIms.achieving exceptional results for victims of Insurance Bad Faith throughout Florida and the United States for more than 20 years of experience.

Although insurance companies exist to help their customers in time of need, unfortunately some insurance companies take advantage of policy holder ignorance. Insurance policies can often be confusing and ambiguous, giving the insurance companies the edge over consumers and businesses. Bad faith is when the insurance company does not abide by the terms and conditions of the insured’s policy and willfully refuse to pay a legitimate claim for damages.

Some examples of insurance bad faith include:

  • Delay or Denial of a claim without reason
  • An unreasonably low offer to compensate justified damages
  • Failure to promptly investigate or perform due diligence
  • Failure to act within a reasonable time
  • Delay in payment while waiting on a settlement with a third party insurer

When an insurance company refuses to pay a claim it is legally obligated to pay, they may be acting in bad faith. If you have been wrongfully denied a claim or other rights under an insurance policy and would like to learn more about your legal rights, please call our Insurance Bad Faith Claim Lawyers or contact us here.