Jane Doe v. Insurance Company Case 1

Our client Millie, a Canadian citizen who was visiting her mother who lives in West Palm Beach, was a passenger in her mom’s vehicle when an uninsured driver violated their right-of-way and hit into the driver’s side of their vehicle.

As a result of the significant collision, Millie suffered from multiple injuries to her cervical spine (neck) and her lumbar spine (low back) and underwent therapeutic and diagnostic facet injections bilaterally. Once her treating pain management physician confirmed the source of her pain, he performed more facet injections (anesthetics or steroid injections into the joint to reduce inflammation and swelling) and ultimately performed a rhizotomy (sever nerve roots in the spinal cord) to numb the effects of the main nerve’s pain signal. These procedures brought much needed relief to Millie’s constant pain and discomfort.

As a passenger of the “host vehicle,” Millie was entitled to her mom’s automobile insurance benefits such as Uninsured Motorist (UM) Coverage because the “at fault driver” had no Bodily Injury (BI) insurance.

Since Millie’s mom purchased Uninsured Motorist (UM) coverage on her auto policy, Millie made a claim for damages against her mom’s auto insurance carrier for the at fault driver’s negligence.

Murray Guari Trial Attorneys proved to the UM auto insurance carrier that this crash caused Millie’s injuries and the need for significant injection therapy; ultimately, Millie’s mom’s auto insurer paid the 0,000 in Uninsured Motorist Coverage to cover the cost of Millie’s extensive medical treatment and to compensate her for her non-economic damages such as pain and suffering.

In this economic climate, our firm finds that more and more drivers are uninsured or underinsured and do not carry Bodily Injury (BI) insurance. That is why purchasing and carrying Uninsured Motorist (UM) / Underinsured Motorist (UIM) Coverage is very important for you and your family’s financial well-being.

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