John Doe v. 15-Year-Old Defendant Driver and Insurance Company

Our firm secured Bodily Injury (BI) & UIM (Under Insured Motorist Coverage) Limits in Auto Case in Palm Beach County.

Our client was driving near the intersection of Olive Avenue and Southern Boulevard in West Palm Beach when she stopped first in line for a red light. The light turned green and she proceeded to go through the intersection, when a SUV, driven by a 15-year-old,  hit her on the passenger side with such great force that there were a total of three heavy impacts with the SUV.

The negligent teenager exceeded the posted speed limit and also violated Florida Statute 316.075 (traffic control signal devices), by running a red light. The impact was so severe that the crash caused our client’s airbags to deploy.

As a result of this crash, our client sustained multiples injuries to her left hand, left arm and to her right shoulder, which required surgery and ongoing physical therapy. Unfortunately now, she is also no longer able to volunteer at her local hospital as she has done in the past.

Fortunately, our client carried the appropriate type of insurance coverage. We settle her case for the Bodily Injury (BI) coverage limits (from the person who caused the crash) and all available Under Insured Motorist (UM/UIM) coverage limits (from our client’s policy).

This case highlights the importance of having the appropriate UM/UIM coverage. This insurance paid our client’s tremendous outstanding medical bills and fairly compensated her for her pain and suffering.

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