Business Traveler Shot by Armed Intruders – Resort Knew History of Criminal Activity

John Doe and three of his colleagues were in Florida for business. They checked into a hotel located on Singer Island. They thought they were in a safe, well-known beach resort area. What they didn’t know was that Riviera Beach has crime rates well in excess of the United States average. They also didn’t know that the resort property was providing inexpensive, minimal security as they were working a deal with developers to tear down and redevelop the land for a huge profit. The property has since been destroyed to make way for luxury condos.

John Doe and his co-workers were unfamiliar with the area and at no time were they provided any warning relating to their safety or any warning regarding the potential danger of a criminal attack even though Riviera Police had been called to the property hundreds of times over the prior three years. Even the elderly, unarmed security guard, who was on duty the night of the incident, had been previously assaulted while working on the property.

On the night of the incident, John Doe and two of his colleagues left the property around 9:30pm to pick up some food. One of their colleagues stayed behind in the room. Upon their return, they encountered four intruders in their room, two of whom were armed. The room was ransacked and their co-worker, who stayed behind, had been handcuffed to the shower.

With the return of John Doe and his colleagues, the intruders attacked. During this struggle, John Doe was shot through his abdomen, out his back and then shattering his right arm between his elbow and wrist.

The intruders then escaped. Security was nowhere to be found. John Doe’s colleagues called 911 and he was rushed to a local hospital were he underwent emergency surgery to his abdomen and right arm. Since his release from the hospital, he has endured extensive physical therapy and another surgery to his arm. He has also received psychological counseling following the attacks. He continues to have significant wage loss and diminished earning capacity because of these restrictions

The property owner and the security company hired by the property owner had extensive knowledge of the history of criminal activity on and near the property; which included numerous assaults, batteries, thefts, armed robberies, rape and murder. They knew or should have known that they needed to take adequate precautions to protect their patrons including John Doe and his colleagues from criminal attack. Instead they put John Doe and other business invitees at unreasonably dangerous risk while on their property. This event was foreseeable and preventable and the property owner and the security company failed to provide adequate security.

Attorney Scott C. Murray successfully settled the case for John Doe for a confidential amount to help with incurred medical and medical expenses and lost earnings.

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