John Doe was violently rear ended as he was stopped for traffic in a construction zone. The heavy rear impact pushed Doe’s vehicle into the vehicle in front of him causing a second substantial impact and significant property damage which totaled the Honda Odyssey.

Emergency personnel with Marion County Fire-Rescue arrived at the scene to find Doe lying unconscious in the middle of the front driver and passenger seats. Even though Doe was wearing his seat belt, the impact was so severe that his seatback broke. Doe suffered significant injuries to his head, neck, shoulder, arm, low back and knee.  The driver who caused the crash had minimal insurance coverage that did not compensate Doe for his substantial damages. Thankfully, Doe had stacking, underinsured motorist coverage that stepped into the shoes of the underinsured tortfeasor.

Murray Guari were able to obtain a significant recovery for John Doe from his insurance company.

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