Life Altering Crash for Couple, Resolved for Seven Figure Settlement

Law Partners Jason Guari and Scott Perry, aided by Paralegal Cecilia Del Aguila, had the privilege of representing a young couple who had the misfortune to be hit by a pickup truck driver who ran a red light at a high rate of speed, and struck our clients’ blue Silverado before his gray pickup truck rolled over. Below are photographs of the vehicles at the scene.

blue Truck in Roadway involved in Car CrashCrashed Vechicles in an intersection of roadway









This tragic crash, in the middle of COVID-19, resulted in our then pregnant client having a traumatically induced c-section. If this was not enough, she underwent multiple surgeries due to her injuries – all while trying to nurse and care for her newborn child. Unfortunately, her husband, too, suffered serious injuries, also resulting in multiple surgeries to address his orthopedic injuries stemming from the very heavy impact. Both clients had a desire to return to their pre-crash levels of physical wellbeing as fast as possible, especially with a newborn child who needed their care.

The team at Murray Guari knew that the police department that responded to the scene would have body worn cameras, and obtained multiple hours of footage from various officers. When all pieced together, the videos showed both the clear liability against the other driver and, also, the extreme love and concern our client had not only his for his pregnant wife and unborn child, but also for the other driver (who he rendered aid to) – all before he took care of himself. This information only illustrated to the insurance company, for the offending driver, why a jury would favor our clients and naturally award a significant sum in intangible damages for the horror they had endured.

When injured through the fault of another, it is important to have a team, like those at Murray Guari, who understand how gather all the facts and pieces surrounding an incident and then fit them all together to tell our clients’ stories.


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