Major Airline Ignores Safety: Seriously Injures Passenger & Forces Litigation

On July 21, 2016, Linda Fanelli was a passenger on American Airlines Flight #1822, A parked white Plane pn the tarmack. See pilot windows, engine and wing.scheduled to fly from West Palm Beach to Philadelphia.

Prior to her flight, American Airlines knew that there was a fluid leak, but failed to take proper precautions to discover the cause of the leak. Instead, American Airlines boarded the plane where people began to smell fumes and yet the pilot continued on. It was not until the plane suffered a hydraulic failure on the runway that the pilot decided something was wrong.

At that time, the smell condition was strong enough that the pilot behind American Airlines Flight #1822 could smell the fumes and even see the fluid leaking off the wing of the plane. Unfortunately, the AA pilot failed to use reasonable care and even incited further problems by announcing “evacuate, evacuate, evacuate.”

The result was a panicked evacuation of the plane, including over the wing covered in hydraulic fluid. Ms. Fanelli fell due to the slippery wing – which she knew nothing about – and suffered severe injuries and required multiple surgeries. American Airlines should have never placed Ms. Fanelli in a position to be on the wing.

Ms. Fanelli retained Attorneys Jason Guari and Scott Perry of Murray Guari Trial Attorneys PL to represent her for her injuries. In an effort to amicably resolve the claim out of the public eye, Attorneys Guari and Perry presented a confidential demand package to American Airlines.

Instead of recognizing that American Airlines was wrong, it refused to make an offer to settle.

Therefore, on July 28, 2017, Attorneys Guari and Perry filed a federal lawsuit in the Southern District of Florida seeking damages on behalf of Ms. Fanelli for the grossly negligent conduct of American Airlines.


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