Attorneys Jason J. Guari, Esq., and Keith R. Hedrick, Esq., recently resolved a claim for our client, a thirty-four (34) year old mother of five (5), who was injured in a motor vehicle crash in March of 2019. The accident occurred when she was driving three (3) of her young children to day care and a commercial bucket truck violated her right-of-way by attempting to make a right turn, ultimately crashing into her driver’s side rear quarter panel. Our client felt immediate pain in her neck and transported herself to the hospital.

After unsuccessful conservative treatment and a course of injection therapy, our client decided to undergo an Artificial Disc Replacement with insertion of an artificial disc at C5-6. Our client reported a 90% improvement in her pain following the surgery and other medical procedures with complete resolution of the neurological complaints.

X-ray of our client’s Cervical Spine Following her Disc Replacement Surgery









X-ray of our client’s Cervical Spine Following her Disc Replacement Surgery

During pre-suit negotiations (and being represented by another law firm) our client was offered $1,750 to settle her claim. When Mr. Guari and Mr. Hedrick took over the case, the firm immediately filed a lawsuit, as it was clear that the insurance company was not attempting to fairly compensate our client for her injuries. During the deposition of the Defendant Driver, he admitted that he failed to follow CDL Safety Guidelines when operating his vehicle and causing this crash. At Court Ordered Mediation and just prior to trial, Mr. Guari and Mr. Hedrick successfully resolved our client’s claim for $587,500.

If you or a loved one is a victim of a motor vehicle crash and sustained injuries, please immediately contact Murray Guari Trial Attorneys PL at (561) 366-9099, to protect and preserve your rights.


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