Murray Guari Obtains Six-Figure Confidential Settlement for a Trip and Fall Case

Attorneys Scott C. Murray and Keith R. Hedrick recently resolved a trip and fall accident claim for a confidential six-figure settlement. This incident occurred when our client stepped out of her vehicle into deep hole that was concealed over time with a layer of grass. The hole had been caused by the removal of a tree 3 ½ years before. After the fall, our client was immediately rushed to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a trimalleolar fracture dislocation of her left ankle that required surgery and the implantation of hardware.

Trip and fall hazard, level and ruler showing depth and level of the hole covered by grassX-ray of a client’s left ankle following a trip and fall








Photograph of hole (left) and x-ray of our client’s left ankle following surgery (right).

Our firm brought suit against the owner of the commercial property, the commercial entity leasing the property, and two commercial landscape maintenance companies. Unfortunately, the insurance company for the defendant’s placed blame on our client for this incident, even blaming her for where she parked in the parking lot and where she stepped out of her vehicle. The defendants also attempted to blame each other, trying to “pass the buck,” and shift their own negligence to the other defendants. Ultimately, all of the commercial defendants contributed to close out the claim, each paying a percentage of fault for this devastating injury that forever changed the life of our client.

Our client was thankful that Scott C. Murray and Keith R. Hedrick were able to negotiate this confidential six-figure settlement so that she can finally begin to put this matter behind her and move on from this traumatic incident.

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