Murray Guari Resolves Case for $300,000 – Hard Working, Active, Young Client’s Life Affected by Low Back Injury After Crash

Partners Scott Murray and Jason Guari recently settled a matter for $300,000 in pre-litigation (without filing a lawsuit) on behalf of our young client who was struck by a large commercial vehicle weighing over 13,000 lbs. while he was in a large F-450 work truck. The force of the impact was heavy enough to push the F-450 – weighing over 6,000 lbs. – forward nearly a car length! Our client – whose job was manual labor intensive – had significant low back pain after the crash. His pain prevented him from being able to lead an active and productive life.

At first, our client went for conservative treatment, including Physical Therapy, Medications, and Injections. However, when that did not ultimately provide relief, he had underwent a two-level, lumbar microdisctomy surgery to remove portions of the discs in his low back that were pressing upon his nerves which caused numbness and pain.

Black & White Xray with red arrows pointing to back injury

Above, as pointed out by the red arrows, are where the discs were pushing on the nerve causing back pain.

Luckily, our client – who prior to the surgery – could not even bend over without pain, has made a wonderful recovery thanks to his orthopedic surgeon; he is now getting back to some of his pre-injury physical activity.

Originally, the insurance company for the truck which caused the crash did not want to fairly compensate our client, despite its driver having admitted to being distracted by his phone just before the crash. Luckily for our client, the team at Murray Guari (including Partner Scott Perry and Paralegal Cecilia Del Aguila) pointed out all the holes in the insurance company’s arguments and highlighted that the force of the impact had to be significant. Therefore, heavy force on the spine could naturally cause an injury to the discs in the low back. Ultimately, Murray Guari resolved his case without litigation, helping him close this unfortunate chapter in his life.

Remember distracted driving is not only dangerous, but it is also illegal in Florida. If you or a loved one have been hurt as a result of a distracted driver, call the attorneys at Murray Guari Trial Attorneys to find out your rights!

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