Murray Guari Resolves Case for $500,000 – Young, Hard Working, Business Owner’s Life Affected by Spinal Injuries After Crash

Partners Jason Guari and Scott Perry recently secured a $500,000 settlement on behalf of our client who was simply driving down a Palm Beach County road when an inattentive driver pulled out in front of him and violated his right of way. The force of this impact totaled our client’s vehicle and caused him to sustain serious spinal injuries. At the time of this incident, our client had just started his own small business which required labor, intensive work. His pain prevented him from working for over six (6) months.

Car showing front end-damage as a result of an auto accident
Our client’s vehicle.









At first, he went for conservative treatment, including Physical Therapy, Medication, and Injections. Unfortunately, conservative treatment did not provide relief for his stabbing pain, numbness, and tingling throughout his lower back, neck, arms, and legs. Ultimately, our client decided to undergo spinal surgery.

Red SUV with side vehicle damage
At-fault vehicle.









Attorney Guari, along with the assistance of Partner Scott Perry, spent weeks negotiating with the defendant’s insurance company for fair compensation. When the defendant’s insurance company would not budge, Attorneys Guari and Perry filed suit. Shortly after filing suit, the defendant’s insurance company agreed to the law firm’s settlement demand. The team at Murray Guari finally helped close this unfortunate chapter of our client’s life.

Now, thanks to a successful surgery and recovery, our client can get back to working and growing his business.

If you or a loved one have been hurt in a motor vehicle crash, it is vital that you have attorneys who are willing to fight for fair and just compensation and who are willing to file a lawsuit when the insurance companies refuse to act fairly, like Murray Guari Trial Attorneys.

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