Our client was a restrained driver of a vehicle traveling westbound on a road in unincorporated Palm Beach County. As she was approaching an intersection, suddenly and without warning, the offending driver of a Hyundai pulled out from a community, crossed into our client’s path, violated her right of way, and forcefully collided with our client’s vehicle. The impact was so heavy that our client’s knee smashed against her steering wheel and her vehicle’s airbags deployed. She was immediately rushed to the hospital via ambulance.

Inserted herein are photographs of our client’s vehicle which was deemed a total loss.

Our client tried conservative medical treatment such as x-rays, MRIs, medication, Physical Therapy and injections for her neck, back, and her knee to no avail. However, she ultimately required a total knee replacement and after months of convalescence, her claim was successfully resolved by Attorneys Jason J. Guari and Scott Perry.

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