Pedestrian Injured with Aggravation of Pre-Existing Condition – Case Settled

Attorneys Scott C. Murray and Keith R. Hedrick recently settled a pedestrian v. motor vehicle injury claim for $500,000. Our client, a pedestrian, was standing in a friend’s driveway when she was suddenly and unexpectedly pinned between a parked vehicle and a vehicle that was attempting to park in the driveway. The force, when her body was pinned between the two cars, was so severe that it caused over $4,700 in property damage to the two vehicles.

Graphic Drawing of Driveway of Accident Scene

Accident vehicle that hit pedestrian







As a result of the crash, our client suffered an acute nondisplaced fracture of her left hip and a fracture to her sacrum. Ultimately, the injuries that she sustained in the crash forced her undergo a left total hip replacement. Her extensive medical treatment, pain and suffering, and loss of income, all took a major toll on the life of our client.

When initially attempting to resolve the claim, the insurance company argued that our client had a pre-existing condition of arthritis in her left hip, therefore, it was not responsible in whole or in part for our client needing her left total hip replacement. Fortunately, the State of Florida protects individuals with pre-existing conditions when those conditions are aggravated due to the negligence of others.

Ultimately, the insurance company agreed that its driver was responsible for all of our client’s injuries and damages. Through the hard work of Mr. Murray and Mr. Hedrick, they were able to reach a settlement of $500,000 on behalf of our client. Thankfully, due to the excellent care and treatment of her treating physicians, our client was able to make a full recovery.

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