Property Owner/Property Manager Fails to Warn A/C Repair Man about Raccoon Infestation

Our client was climbing down a fixed ladder, after repairing the A/C unit on the roof of a commercial building, when raccoons aggressively approached and startled him, causing him to fall more than 10 feet to the ground and onto his back, injuring his spine.

A solo racoon on the roof of a home

Despite a long history of the property being overrun with unwanted raccoons, the property owner/property manager failed to warn our client of this potentially dangerous situation and put him in harm’s way – especially as he climbed the ladder to and from the roof.

After the fall, our client required medical treatment, including physical therapy to help alleviate his low back injury.

Florida law requires property owners and/or those in control of the property to warn third parties who they invite onto their premises of potentially dangerous conditions that they know about or should have known about.

Partner Jason J. Guari, Esq., and Associate Keith R. Hedrick, Esq., resolved our client’s case for $80,000.00, representing damages sustained by our client including medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

If you or a loved one is injured due to the negligence of another, please do not hesitate to contact Murray Guari Trial Attorneys PL at (561) 366-9099, immediately to protect and to preserve your rights.

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