Thinking Ahead & Purchasing UM/UIM Coverage Protects Family in Catastrophic Crash

Partners Scott C. Murray and Scott B. Perry recently resolved several claims for a family of four (4) involved in a catastrophic crash that nearly took the life of one of the passengers. The family was returning home from a birthday dinner when a driver darted across traffic and crashed into the front of the family’s SUV. The impact caused the SUV to demolish 80 feet of guardrail and flip onto its side, hanging just before dropping off the road and down an embankment to the ocean.

Below are photographs of the vehicle at final rest.

Car crash that ended up on its side.


Car on its side that been in an accident









Because of the precarious position of the vehicle, emergency responders would not enter the vehicle and the son had to help extricate his family, including smashing windows and cutting down his father who had been hanging by the seat belt, nearly choking to death. The nature of the crash left everyone with both physical and mental scars and injuries.

The driver who caused the crash had a limited Bodily Insurance (BI) policy that became even more limited when split four ways.

Luckily and smartly, the family had purchased UM/UIM auto coverage for just this worst-case scenario. Murray Guari Trial Attorneys were then able to pursue additional compensation for our client’s injuries from the UM/UIM auto carrier who contractually “stands in the shoes” of the driver who caused the crash.

Don’t get caught driving without UM/UIM coverage to protect you and your loved ones from drivers who carry little to no insurance! If you have any questions about UM/UIM coverage, call to speak with any attorney in our office.

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