Trip and Fall at Pet Supply Store Permanently Injuries Elderly Woman

Scott Murray and Senior Paralegal Cecilia Del Aguila recently secured a settlement for a client who suffered serious brain, shoulder, and spinal injuries from a trip and fall inside a well-known pet supply store. Our client was simply walking to the Christmas section of the store when a low-lying object sticking out from a shelving display caused her to violently trip and fall.

Our client, who had no history of shoulder or spinal issues, spent over six (6) months in Physical Therapy and underwent right and left shoulder injections along with a cervical facet injections shown below.

Shoulder skeleton showing injection being adminstered

Skeleton showing Cervical Facet Joint Injection being adminstered






                                                                     (subacromial injection)



On top of orthopedic problems, she struggled neurologically with forgetfulness, irritability, and dizziness for months. The dizziness became so extreme that she could not ambulate without assistance.

Naturally, the insurance company refused to compensate our client fairly. The team at Murray Guari stepped in and successfully negotiated a settlement to our client’s satisfaction.

Business owners have a duty to exercise a reasonable standard of care to prevent foreseeable risks, like this one with our client. Our goal is always to fight for fair compensation on behalf of our clients, but also to prevent others from suffering the same fate. By holding businesses accountable for negligent actions, we encourage a safer community for everyone. When you or a loved one are injured from a slip and fall or trip and fall due to the fault of another, you need attorneys who have the knowledge and skillset to hold negligent parties liable.



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