VIDEO – COVID19 Pedestrian and Cyclist Dangers


If you have a loved one in a nursing home or senior living facility, in South Florida, you probably already worry about their health and safety. And, with the explosion of Coronavirus cases, it is an even bigger concern.

These facilities have been encouraged – in some cases ordered to – isolate residents if they show signs of COVID 19, which begs the question, are they still getting proper care?

You cannot visit, group activities are canceled, and group mealtime is banned. So how can anyone be sure all these vulnerable people in isolation are being taken care of?

The biggest concerns are:

  • Increased risk of injury or fall, while separated from others.
  • Choking as a result of eating in isolation.
  • Infections due to residents not being bathed or repositioned properly.
  • Being turned away from a facility for showing any signs of illness.

Malpractice cases related to COVID 19 are a distinct possibility, if your loved one’s nursing home or senior living community has not:

  • Prepared and implemented an Emergency Preparedness Plan,
  • Instituted infection control protocol,
  • Secured proper supplies and equipment, and
  • Ensured staff is taking appropriate care of residents, despite their own fears about COVID 19. They could be considered negligent.

So, if you spot trouble and you need help, contact our attorneys today.