In the pre-work hours of October 2017, our young client was heading to work in stop and go traffic on the Florida Turnpike. While he was paying attention to traffic, a driver of a pickup truck, pulling a fully loaded trailer came quickly up from behind and failed to stop, slamming into the back of our client’s car. This was a significant crash that forever altered his life – as you can see from the photograph below. With this, he came to Partners Scott Murray and Scott Perry to help him through the worst thing to happen in his life.

White car with side vehicle damage
Our client’s vehicle.
White truck carrying a fully loaded trailer
At-fault vehicle, with fully loaded trailer.









Due to the severe pain, numbness, and tingling in his neck and his back, he sought treatment from various doctors – trying to get relief. Spinal surgery was recommended. As he and is wife were looking to start a family soon, he wanted his symptoms to resolve, but was hesitant to move forward with surgery. Unfortunately, conservative treatment did not provide relief and his symptoms only worsened, and he decided to undergo the surgery. Thankfully, the surgery helped substantially alleviate his pain and symptoms – which will allow him and his wife to help move on with their lives.

The defendants, and their insurance carrier, initially refused to fully accept responsibility for the crash. They made excuses, gave low-ball offers, and otherwise denied and delayed the resolution of the matter. When the initial offers were well below fair value for our client’s injuries, Attorneys Murray and Perry filed suit and were prepared to turn over every rock to discover why this crash occurred, which included investigating facts that might have resulted in punitive (or punishing) damages against the defendants. After several months of litigation, the insurance company for the defendants recognized that this lawsuit was only going to get worse for them and chose to settle the matter for $650,000.

While the attorneys and staff at Murray Guari never like to see our clients permanently injured, we take great pride in helping them get full and just compensation for their injuries and human losses caused by the negligence of others.

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