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Printed Case Writeups

The Murray Guari Trial Attorneys Printed Case Writeups are distributed three time a year and provide more in-depth information on cases we have handled on behalf of our clients and referral partners.

Murray Guari Trial Attorneys Printed Case Writeups

The accounts of recent trials, verdicts and settlements contained in the Printed Case Write-ups and on this website are intended to illustrate the experience of the firm in a variety of cases we handled. Each case is unique and the results of one case do not necessarily indicate the quality or value of any other case. If you have any questions, please contact us at 561-366-9099.

Latest Issue

Murray Guari Spring Case Insert Cover

Case Write-ups Spring 2023

In this edition: After Denial of Liability, $400,000 Settlement in Trucking Case, $275,000 Trip & Fall Settlement For 89-Year-Old Client, and Resolve Trip & Fall with a “Twist”.

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Previous Issues

Cover of the Fall Case Insert - Confidential Settlements of Over $2.3 Million

Case Write-ups Fall 2022

In this edition: Confidential Settlements of Over $2.3 Million, Commercial Van’s Insurance Carrier Pays for Right-of-Way Violation – $400,000 Settlement and Employer of Drunk Driver Settles Claim for Confidential Amount,

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Case Write-ups Summer 2022

In this edition: Murray Guari Settles Pedestrian vs. Motor Vehicle Accident for Six Figure Policy Limits, Hit by Dump Truck – $190,000, and Attorneys Jason J. Guari and Keith R. Hedrick Resolve Claim for Policy Limits.

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Spring 2022 Case Insert Cover

Case Write-ups Spring 2022

In this edition: After Five Years, Two Simultaneous Litigations, Murray Guari Resolves Case for Six Figure Settlement, Murray Guari Negotiates Settlement of $160,000 in Trip and Fall Case, and Attorneys Jason Guari and Keith Hedrick Resolve Suspected Drunk Driving Cases for All Available Policy Limits $200,000.

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Fall 2021 Case Insert Cover

Case Write-ups Fall 2021

In this edition:  Life Altering Crash for Couple, Resolved for Seven Figure Settlement, Murray Guari Closes Case for Entire Policy Limit of $300,000, Murray Guari Resolves Case for Policy Limits of $250,000 for Restrained Passenger who Suffered Cervical & Lumbar Spine Injuries from MVA, and UM Coverage – A Must Have.

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Case Write-ups Summer 2021

In this edition:  After Tragic, Fatal Pedestrian v. Tractor-Trailer Crash – Murray Guari Settles Claim for Confidential Amount,  Murray Guari Holds Commercial Carrier Responsible for Driver’s Failure to Follow Safety Guidelines – $587,500, Apartment Complex Refuses to Engage in Negotiations, Lawsuit Ensues – Murray Guari Resolves Claim for $300,000 and Make Complex Safer, and Property Owner/Property Manager Falls to Warn A/C Repair Man about Racoon Infestation – $80,000.00 Settlement.

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Case Write-ups Spring 2021

In this edition: After Crash Turns Young Client’s Life Upside-Down – Murray Guari Resolves Claim for Over #600,000 at Eve of Trial, When Insurance Company Defies Logic – Murray Guari Trial Attorneys Pushes Back, Murray Guari Obtains Court Approval to Settle Case for a Minor Involved in Two Car Accidents, and Trip and Fall at Pet Supply Store Permanently Injures Elderly Woman.

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Cover of Fall Case Summaries

Case Write-ups Fall 2020

In this edition: Murray Guari Resolves Case for Boy Injured at Water Park, MVA’s Forceful Impact Causes Our Client to Suffer a Painful, Lumbar, Herniated Disc, Settlement – All Available Limits, Multiple Six Figures, and Parents’ Nightmare – Teenager Passenger Hurt in MVA.

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Murray Guari Summer Case Insert Cover

Case Write-ups Summer 2020

In this edition: Negligent Truck Driver Strikes Bicyclist Causing Catastrophic Injuries – Partners Jason Guari and Scott Perry Recover in Excess of the $1,000,000 Policy Limits, Seven Figure Settlement for Injured Passenger, Driver Using Cell Phone Causes Rear-End Collision – Settlement Achieved and 4 Car Pile-up…But Who Caused It?

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Case Write-ups Spring 2020

In this edition: When Heavy Impact Severely Injures Young Husband, Murray Guari Helps Fight to Get Couple’s Life Back on Track – $650,000; Murray Guari Resolves Case for $500,000 – Young, Hard Working, Business Owner’s Life Affected by Spinal Injuries After Crash; Murray Guari Settles Motor Vehicle Accident Case in Excess of $400,000; and Policy Limits, Six Figure Settlement When Insurance Company Carrier Refuses to Settle.

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Fall 2019 Case Insert cover showing xray of a neck injury

Case Write-ups Fall 2019

In this edition: Attorneys Murray & Hendrick Resolve Case for $535,000 Against Insurance Carrier After Single Mother Sustains Life Altering Injuries, When Insurance Company Refuses to Continue Negotiations, Murray Guari Files Suit – Case Resolves for $250,000 in Litigation, Murray Guari Resolves Case for $300,000 – Hard Working, Active, Young Client’s Life Affected by Low Back Injury After Crash, and When Facts Get Messy, It is Important to Have Attorneys Who Can Sort Through Them.

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