Premises Liability – Unsafe Premises

John Doe v. Commercial Landowner and Business Tenant

  Murray Guari Trial Attorneys successfully resolved a complex liability case against a commercial landowner and business tenant who, by negligently allowing overgrown foliage at the corner of their property adjacent to an intersection, created a line of sight problem for a truck and a bicyclist who was on a morning ride. The Florida Traffic…

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Young John Doe v. Playground

We currently represent a young boy who suffered a serious closed head injury (a hard blow to the head from striking an object, but the object did not break the skull) when his head struck a concrete curb that ran down the middle of the playground. Instead of designing an appropriate playground space, the defendant…

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Jane Doe v. Condominium – Unsafe Premises

Unsafe Railing Causes Catastrophic Injuries On an early April evening, Jane Doe came to a friend’s condominium to have dinner. Before dinner Jane Doe and several guests went down to the beach to admire the ocean view. She was standing on the wooden platform of the beach stairs when the railing suddenly gave way plunging…

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