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Have You Seen Medicare Fraud?

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Attorney Ryon McCabe – Guest Columnist of McCabe Rabin, P.A. Ripping off the government is big business. Every year, dishonest businesses cheat the government out of billions of dollars. Here in South Florida, one of the most common scams is healthcare fraud. Indeed, due to our large elderly population, South Florida is often referred to…

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What is This Symbol?

Vehicle Tire Pressure Monitor Symbol Light

Have you ever been driving in your car and this symbol lights up on your dashboard? Did it leaving you wondering what is this and what is wrong with my vehicle? Over 40% of drivers are unable to identify the low tire-pressure warning light, let alone check their tire pressure. This symbol refers to the…

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Proposed Florida Legislation – Vehicle Insurance Database

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Cracking Down on Uninsured Motorists. The Florida Legislature is looking to introduce a new bill that establishes an online verification system that would provide your current insurance status. Today, police officers can only look up your license and registration, but not your insurance status. Similarly, after an accident, it can take 30 days or more…

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Keeping Our Kids Safe. What Can Parents Do?

Child looking at cell phone crying

It’s not easy being a parent in today’s world, and protecting your child is more complicated than simply teaching children to call 911 or to stop, drop and roll. Today, parents are concerned about child predators, bullying, cyberbullying, internet safety, school violence, drug or alcohol use, human trafficking, abductions and more. Many of today’s youth…

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Smart Roads — Technology Turning Roads into Test Labs

self driving electronic computer car on road, 3d illustration

Colorado is the first state in the country to start testing smart pavements. The half-mile of roadway, made of precast concrete panels, will contain sensors, processors, antennae, the latest fiber optics, and wireless technology. These smart slabs are designed to connect to motorists’ cell phones to provide real-time alerts. The goal is to use technology…

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Dangers at Sea – How to Stay Safe While on a Cruise

Large White Curiseship out at sea

Cruising is big business offering classic cruises, luxury cruises, adventure cruises, senior cruises, specialty events cruises, family cruises, river cruises, and more. Globally, an estimated 24 million passengers take to the seas each year. South Florida’s seaports alone had more than 9 million visitors last year. PortMiami, dubbed the largest, busiest cruise port, welcomed a…

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Jason Guari Featured in the Benchmark Magazine

Attorney Jason Guari Featured in The Benchmark Magazine

Attorney Jason Guari was recently featured in The Benchmark, Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School’s Alumni Magazine – Summer 2018. “A life built on gratitude and Giving.” Click here to read the article.

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Five Tricks the Auto Insurance Companies Use Against Accident Victims

Megaphone with the words We've Got You Covered

Car accidents occur every day. They can be devastating for everyone involved regardless of fault. The time following a vehicle accident may be quite confusing. Victims could be dealing with injuries, loss of a loved one, or property damage. Victims often find themselves unfamiliar with the legal process and lack understanding of the injury claims…

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Evidence of Insurance

Jurors in a jury box in a trial

Information Florida Jurors Are Not Allowed to Hear at Trial Did you know that Florida law usually prohibits a jury in a personal injury case from knowing whether a defendant has insurance coverage, what type of coverage, and the amount of coverage available? Why is that? The rationale is that if a jury is aware…

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