Child Seat Safety - The Proper Use of Child Safety Seats

Increased Awareness Could Prevent Injuries and Save Lives

For those of us with young children, keeping our kids safe is a top priority. As parents of young children and as partners in the West Palm Beach personal injury law firm of Murray Guari Trial Attorneys, attorneys Scott C. Murray and Jason J. Guari believe it is their responsibility to reach out to the communities in which they live and help increase awareness about unsafe products or practices.


"Did you know that 7 out of 10 parents incorrectly install their child safety seats?"

Attorne Scott Murray giving a child safety seat demonstration to local parents at a PAC - SAC meeting. The Proper Use of Child Safety Seats.

The firm is currently involved in educating and increasing awareness on the subject of child passenger safety. Too often, children are injured or even killed in auto accidents, and some of these injuries and deaths could have been prevented by the use of proper restraint systems.

The firm has created a 20-minute presentation that includes a lecture, short video and a safety seat demonstration. The presentation does not include individual seat inspections or installations. A helpful brochure on child safety seats is also provided to attendees. The presentation is free to the public. We are currently working with Palm Beach County Elementary School Principals to provide this lecture to student's parents and to PAC and SAC members.

If you or your organization is interested in having this child seat safety discussion presented to your audience, please contact Pam Henney at (561) 366-9099 or email

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