Important Road Debris Safety Tips

Tread from a blown tire, trash bags, and cardboard boxes, not to mention any number of items, big orVehicles driving and avoiding road debris on roadway small that have fallen off the back of a truck.

Hitting road debris is dangerous and swerving to avoid it can be just as hazardous.

Florida is one of at least 13 states that can impose jail time if something being hauled falls onto the roadway resulting in serious bodily injury or a death.

Road debris can puncture tires, break windshields, damage undercarriages, and even cause you to lose control of your vehicle, where you slide, skid, or possibly rollover. It not only causes serious injury to drivers and passengers, but road debris can also kill.

These accidents are extremely dangerous, and many of them are preventable. Here aresome important safety tips:

  • Maintain Your Vehicles – check your tires and exhaust system
  • Secure Vehicle Loads – properly secure and tie down all items (including furniture and ladders) and do not overload your vehicle
  • Drive Defensively – continually scan the roadway looking for hazards and avoid speeding and tailgating
  • Report Debris – call *FHP or local law enforcement to report any roadway debris