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Have A New Teen Driver?

Teen in drivers seat with hand extended with someone handing him the keys

Help Your Teen Become A Safe Driver Driving is a big responsibility. You have just handed your child the keys to the family car. Are you and your child prepared? Teen drivers face many new challenges behind the wheel. Unfortunately, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for U.S. teens. In 2017, over…

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Health Insurance – Everyone’s Favorite?!?

Heath Insurance Employee Benefits Documents

Dennis S. Goldstein of CBIZ Guest Columnist BREAKING NEWS: Health Insurance and Health Care are NOT the same. Contrary to what all of our friends in Washington say, health insurance does not deliver healthcare. Furthermore, until we discover a means to control healthcare costs, Insurers, Employers, and Consumers will not be able to control health…

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May the Fourth Be with You – Helpful Tips to Ensure a Safe Holiday

Closeup Sparker with American Flagd. Celebrating 4th Of July Independence Day

Murray Guari Trial Attorneys wishes you and your loved ones a wonderful 4th of July! The 4th of July brings much joy and celebration for our Country’s Independence. We are thankful and grateful for those who have served in our military, our veterans, and their families. Fireworks are synonymous with the 4th of July, but…

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Disability Income Planning And Life Insurance

Paper family of four under a paper Disability Insurance umbrella

Brooke McKernan of Northwestern Mutual | The McKernan Financial Group Guest Columnist Disability income insurance helps protect your most valuable asset- your ability to earn an income. Some questions to think about: If you were sick or injured in an accident today, how would your family’s standard of living be impacted? How long would your…

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What to do if you hydroplane

flood, natural disaster themed photo.

Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Under Control Hydroplaning occurs when your tires lose traction with the roadway due to excessive water on the top of the road. Hydroplaning can happen in as little as one-twelfth of an inch of rain on the road and at a speed of 35 or more miles per hour. When…

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How to Drive in the Rain

Car windshield in traffic jam during rain

Life Saving Tips With all the rain we have had this winter and spring, it may be hard to believe that Florida’s rainy season has not even started yet (May-October). Driving in the rain can be dangerous or even deadly. Too often drivers fail to consider the dangers of rain and, therefore, do not change…

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Attorney Scott B. Perry Installed as Young Lawyers Section President

Murray Guari Partners

West Palm Beach, FL – Murray Guari Trial Attorneys’ Partner Scott B. Perry was installed as President of the Palm Beach County Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Section at its 97th Annual Installation Banquet on June 1st at the Breakers in Palm Beach. The Young Lawyers Section (YLS), a subsection of the Palm Beach County Bar…

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Have You Seen Medicare Fraud?

Word Cloud - Whistleblower

Attorney Ryon McCabe – Guest Columnist of McCabe Rabin, P.A. Ripping off the government is big business. Every year, dishonest businesses cheat the government out of billions of dollars. Here in South Florida, one of the most common scams is healthcare fraud. Indeed, due to our large elderly population, South Florida is often referred to…

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What is This Symbol?

Vehicle Tire Pressure Monitor Symbol Light

Have you ever been driving in your car and this symbol lights up on your dashboard? Did it leaving you wondering what is this and what is wrong with my vehicle? Over 40% of drivers are unable to identify the low tire-pressure warning light, let alone check their tire pressure. This symbol refers to the…

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Proposed Florida Legislation – Vehicle Insurance Database

Busy traffic on an expressway

Cracking Down on Uninsured Motorists. The Florida Legislature is looking to introduce a new bill that establishes an online verification system that would provide your current insurance status. Today, police officers can only look up your license and registration, but not your insurance status. Similarly, after an accident, it can take 30 days or more…

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