Don’t reject UM coverage!

Tuesday’s Takeaway…..

I cannot express the importance of Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist “UM” coverage enough.

Each week we meet with individuals injured due to the negligence of others only to find out that the individual that caused their accident did not have Bodily Injury “BI” coverage. Surprisingly, the current state of Florida Law does not require drivers to have any BI coverage.

Therefore, without the injured parties own UM coverage, he/she has no way to recover any money to pay their medical bills and/or compensate them for their pain and suffering often associated with a crash, no matter how severely injured.

I urge all my family and friends to please take the time, check your policies, make sure you are covered to the maximum that you can afford, and protect yourself against the many uninsured/underinsured drivers here in Florida!

Don’t reject UM coverage!

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