It’s not easy being a parent in today’s world, and protecting your child is more Child looking at cell phone cryingcomplicated than simply teaching children to call 911 or to stop, drop and roll. Today, parents are concerned about child predators, bullying, cyberbullying, internet safety, school violence, drug or alcohol use, human trafficking, abductions and more.

Many of today’s youth lack the skills to protect themselves in dangerous situations. It is up to the parents to teach children the skills needed to be safe.

Anxious Toddlers (AT) Parenting Survival, a website dedicated to raising kids with anxiety, recommends these six uncommon tips that could save your child’s life:


  1. No more personalized items – Do not make it easy for predators to identify or to get to your child. That means no more names on items like backpacks, notebooks, lunch boxes, barrettes, clothing, or toys.
  2. Have a code name – Identify a family code name to protect your children and teach them when and how to use it. A code word can make it easier for a child to ask for help or help prevent potential abductions.
  3. If followed, run in opposite direction of vehicle – Teach your children to run in the opposite direction of the vehicle as this could buy them some time to escape while the car turns around.
  4. When in trouble, look for moms with kids – If kids are scared, lost, feeling unsafe, or are in danger, tell them to find a mom with kids. Moms are much more likely to be present than a police officer or a store clerk.
  5. Teach kids to yell “Who are You” – In emergency situations, teach kids to yell out something that will catch another’s attention or alarm them. You want others to know your child is not just having a tantrum but is in real trouble and needs help.
  6. Teach kids to be destructive in order to draw attention – Teach kids that if a stranger takes them – all manners are out the window. Teach your child it is okay to hit, scream and make a scene.

Everything a parent can do to teach their children about safety and protecting themselves could mean the difference between life and death.

For additional child safety tips visit Safe Kids Worldwide’s website at