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Questions About Life Without No-Fault? Get Answers at

 TALLAHASSEE – Florida Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink announced today that Florida’s auto insurance consumers can log onto her Web site,, and click on the “Life without No-Fault” link to learn about the new insurance laws in effect after the sunset of No-Fault.

In absence of legislative action, Florida’s Motor Vehicle No-Fault Law will expire on October 1, 2007, along with the requirement to purchase Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage. Beginning October 1, whether someone is at fault in an accident could make all the difference as to which driver will be liable to pay for damages.

“The best advice we can give to consumers is to purchase enough auto insurance coverage to provide proper medical treatment for themselves and their families,” said CFO Sink, who oversees the Department of Financial Services. “In the event someone is at fault in an accident after the expiration of No-Fault, sufficient auto insurance coverage can help protect that family’s financial assets.”

“Life without No-Fault” contains useful information for Florida consumers, such as answers to frequently asked questions and the definitions of popular insurance terms. Floridians can review a chart, courtesy of the Ft. Myers News-Press, detailing which driver in an accident is liable for payment of injuries or damages. Additionally, consumers will find CFO Sink’s previous outline of policy considerations in a post-No-Fault world.

One of the largest changes for consumers will be that payment for injuries sustained during an accident will now be the financial responsibility of the at-fault driver. Under the current No-Fault Law, Florida drivers and motor vehicle operators are required to carry PIP coverage, which would pay the first $10,000 of the drivers’ (and their passengers’) medical costs, regardless of fault.

CFO Sink also operates a consumer helpline that receives more than 450,000 calls annually from Florida’s insurance and financial consumers, many of whom have begun to ask about the upcoming changes in Florida’s auto insurance laws.

As a statewide elected officer of the Florida Cabinet, Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink oversees the Department of Financial Services, a multi-division state agency responsible for management of state funds and unclaimed property, assisting consumers who request information and help related to financial services, and investigating financial fraud. CFO Sink also serves as the State Fire Marshal.