West Palm Beach, FL – A British public service announcement was recently aired on television, and it makes the dangerous nature of texting while driving and distracted driving very real. In an attempt to educate drivers of all ages, especially young teenage drivers, the PSA illustrates what happens when a driver is distracted by texting, and the domino-effect it can have on other drivers on the road.

The PSA shows three teenage girls driving down the road, giggling and having a great time. The driver is shown texting while driving, and she veers into the other lane, causing a major accident. She looks over at her friend, dazed, only to see a third car approaching the accident and violently crashing into them. The result is a realistic video with blood, smashing cars, breaking bones, death and the reality of the danger that is texting while driving.

You can view the video here on YouTube. Before watching, be warned: this video is graphic and visually disturbing.

The personal injury and auto accident attorneys of Murray Guari warn all drivers to heed this warning and be cautious while driving. Texting while driving, especially on busy South Florida roads, can be deadly to you and all other drivers on the road.

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