Are you Supposed to Stay in the Car?

We recognize that the roads of South Florida can be a dangerous place, especially with theMorning rush hour traffic volume of traffic, distracted drivers, and construction zones. We also know you want to do all you can to keep yourself and your family as safe as possible when traveling on the road.

As personal injury attorneys, we believe it is important to serve our clients not only by representing them when something goes wrong but also by sharing helpful information to help avoid things going wrong in the first place.

Recently a young woman was in an auto accident. She survived the initial crash on I-95, but when she exited her vehicle, she was struck and died. Her tragic death could have been avoided had she stayed in her vehicle.

Often, when car accidents happen, those involved are unprepared, stressed, and not thinking clearly. So here are some important tips to follow to keep you and your families safe:

  • If you are on a busy highway with fast-moving traffic, safety experts generally recommend that you stay in your vehicle, seat belted with your hazards engaged – assuming you do not see smoke or smell fuel.
  • If you feel unsafe and to prevent other vehicles from crashing into you and causing additional property damage or death, get your car off the road and into a breakdown lane (if available), engage your hazard lights, and wait for assistance. The protection afforded by your vehicle is highly preferable to being outside and vulnerable.
  • If you must leave your vehicle, make sure it is safe to do so. Take a look at your surroundings before opening the car door and then move to a safe area away from traffic. People have been injured attempting to exit their vehicle. Brochure on what do to if you are in an auto accident


We have created an Auto Accident Tips” card for you and your family to keep in your glove compartment. You can call us at (561) 366-9099 to request copies for your vehicles or you can download it from our website here. The auto tips card provides you with the best steps to take in preparing for an accident and handling it once it happens. The card also includes a helpful section where you can record the details of an accident.