Noteworthy Cases

When Janitorial Company Refuses to Warn, Murray Guari Makes it Pay

Video footage of areas in airport by escalator with slip and fall occured.

In the early morning hours, our client was working at an airport and was walking from her office with the intent to go down to a lower level. While she was walking towards the escalator (depicted below), she was unaware that for the several minutes prior a janitorial company employee was wet mopping the tile…

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When Insurance Company Refuse to Resolve Case, Murray Guari Goes to Trial

SUV with front end damage from a car crash.

Many attorneys say they are “trial attorneys,” but not all “personal injury lawyers” litigate cases and actually go to trial. Recently, Attorneys Jason Guari and Scott Perry went to trial where a large, national insurance company (which claims that they are “like a good neighbor”) refused to make a reasonable offer on behalf of its…

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Policy Limits Settlement for Client Involved in Highway Crash

A grey car that was rear-ended in an auto accident Crumpled back end

Our client was a restrained front seat passenger on an interstate highway in Western New York when the driver of her vehicle violently rear-ended a vehicle in front of them. As a result of this crash, our client sustained multiple, significant injuries; spent fourteen (14) days in the hospital; and underwent two open reduction, internal…

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$651,000 Settlement – Man Falls at Restaurant

Graphic of a lumbar surgery showing screws and rods and bone grafts.

Our client suffered severe head, back, neck, and shoulder injuries as from a serious fall caused by a restaurant’s negligence in 2015. The injuries from the tragic fall required a lumbar fusion surgery, arthroscopic shoulder surgery, and multiple, spinal epidural and facet injections. Attorneys Jason J. Guari and Scott B. Perry negotiated a pre-lawsuit settlement…

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